Jarntimarra Diary - Jennifer Laing

TUESDAY 6 NOVEMBER 2001, 19.00 hours

Location: Arkaroola
Written by: Jennifer Laing

The last three members of the group join us today - Malcolm Walter, Matilda Thomas and Jason Hoogland. Michael and Larry volunteer to accompany Doug Sprigg (Arkaroola resort owner) in picking them up in a small plane at Broken Hill. Apparently they both have a go at the controls and are very chuffed. Michael can't stop smiling when he returns. Others spend the morning catching up with washing, updating the database, labelling photos and exploring the area.

Guy, James W, James L and Jen climb up a local hill (steepish) and get to the top, after a few false attempts by some members of the group who are less agile than the rest (OK, I was one of them, but hey I MADE IT). Pose for a timed photo on top, and then James L starts an avalanche for the hell of it. You had to be there. Finished up in the resort swimming pool which was conveniently situated outside the rooms.

Melbourne Cup Day, so we crack open the champagne at dinner. Forgot to do the sweep, but just as well, as I would have lost.

Night meeting at a local lecture hall, with presentations by Larry and Carol about their work and life on Devon Island. Malcolm Walter will brief us tomorrow morning, before our tour of Mount Painter.

Midnight swim - hey I could get used to this.