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Searching for Life with the SpaceX Dragon, IceBreaker and BRINE

Red DragonThe Mars Society Australia and the Space Association of Australia would like to invite you to a public event at the Mail Exchange Hotel 688 Bourke Street, Melbourne at 7pm on Friday 24th June.  

SpaceX’s recent announcement that it intends to land a Falcon Heavy-launched Dragon 2 spacecraft on the surface of Mars opens up many possibilities for landing heavier payloads on the planet. At the same time, the US Congress directed NASA to search for life in the outer solar system.  Both of these developments indicate a paradigm shift in both the way and what NASA explores in the solar system.  In 2012 and 2013 NASA's Ames Research Center undertook a series of studies using Dragon on Mars, defining possible payloads, which included deep drills for astrobiology...

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MSA President Dr Jon Clarke Joining 80 Day MDRS & Flashline Missions

The Mars Society (US) is pleased to announce a new mission, Mars 160, using both of the organization’s analog research stations. This program will involve the same seven person crew doing similar science operations for the same period of time – 80 days – initially at the ...

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Mars Society Announces International Gemini Mars Design Competition

Students to propose design concepts mission to open the path to the Red Planet

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The U.S. human spaceflight program is currently adrift. It needs a goal, and that goal should be sending explorers to Mars in our time. In order to help provide such direction and get a real humans to Mars program underway, the Mars Society is launching an international student engineering  contest to design the Gemini Mars mission, creating a plan for a two-person Mars flyby that could be placed on the desk of the President-elect in late 2016 and be completed by the end of his or her second term.

The Gemini Mars...

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2015 David Cooper Memorial Lecture

Professor Malcolm Walter will deliver this year's David Cooper Memorial lecture as part of the Australian Space Research Conference.  The lecture will be held at 7pm at the Australian National University at 7pm.  For further details including how to book a free ticket, click here.  Download a lecture flyer (pdf).  The title and abstract for the talk are as follows.



Professor Malcolm Walter

Australian Centre for Astrobiology, UNSW

It is difficult to imagine any greater goal for science than searching for life...

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