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Spaceward Bound India 2016 Website Launched

NASA Spaceward Bound, a NASA Ames initiative is an opportunity for astrogeologists and astrobiologists to work with students in remote, off Earth analogous environments to conduct field experiments and engage in scientific discussions with participating students and science educators. As a first, scientists from NASA's astrobiology community are teaming up with their counterparts in Australia and India to visit Ladakh, India in August 2016 to conduct experiments in a range of research areas. Ladakh is a cold, high altitude (3000-6000m asl) desert environment that offers permafrost regions, saline and palaeolakes, hot springs that have shown to harbor microbial communities. It is also a young and active geological region that exhibits topological processes which hold clues about Martian terrain history. Interested researchers can contact the team with ideas/suggestions towards planned experiments at  ...
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Free Public Lecture - Was Mars Ever Alive?

The Mars Society Australia invites you to a free public lecture 'Was Mars Ever Alive?' by Assoc. Prof. Victor Gostin, M.Sc. (Melb), PhD (ANU), University of Adelaide. 

Where:  Nova Systems, 27-31 London Road, Mile End South, South Australia, 5031.

Abstract: Exciting discoveries are continually being made on our sister planet, Mars. NASA's rovers plus orbiting satellites have revealed many, often unexpected features, including lava tunnels. Bright ice exists only a few cm below the surface.  Martian river networks formed under semiarid climates, when floods alternated with long dry spells. The newly arrived Curiosity is already increasing our understanding of Martian long history.

Bio: Victor Gostin is a retired Associate Professor in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Adelaide. Victor lectured in earth sciences at Adelaide University from 1970 to 2001. His...

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An Evening with Buzz Aldrin

Live on Stage Australia presents an evening with Buzz Aldrin 'Mission to Mars'. Join legendary Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on a journey through space history and into the future from mans first Moon landing and his historic walk on another world to his revolutionary vision for a future manned mission to Mars.  Hosted by Ray Martin, this event will be held in the Sydney State Theatre on 27 November and Melbourne Town Hall on 29 November, 2015.  Tickets are available from Ticketmaster

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Spaceward Bound India

The Next Spaceward Bound Project shall take place in Ladakh, India. This project is being jointly coordinated by a few Mars Society Australia members along with researchers at UNSW, NASA Ames, JPL and partner institutions in India.

The Spaceward Bound Program is an educational program developed at NASA Ames Research Center. This brings astrobiologists, scientists and students together to a remote, extreme environment to explore and understand how microbial communities sustain themselves in such biospheres. Earlier expeditions have been to Mohave Desert, Idaho, North Dakota, Australia, New Zealand, Polar regions. For the 2016 edition, we have decided to visit Ladakh, India.

Why Ladakh?
Ladakh offers a cold, high altitude (3500m-...

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Robert Zubrin Touring Australia

Robert Zubrin, President of the US Mars Society will be visiting Australia between 21st and 29th March. (Full details are included in this media release.)  He will appear at the following public speaking events:-


Monday 23rd March, 6:30pm - Weston Theatre, JG Crawford Building, ANU - booking essential


Tuesday 24th March, 7pm - Lecture Theatre S112, University of Adelaide


Wednesday 25th March, 1pm - 103 Lowe Theatre, Redmond Barry Building, University of Melbourne...

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