Our Goals
Mars is within reach.  The fourth planet from the sun, the Red Planet, is a potential new frontier for humanity. It is the nearest body in the Solar System known to possess all the mineral resources necessary to sustain a permanent human presence.  It has landscapes billions of years old that can shed light on the early history of the Earth and the Solar System. Understanding of its climatic history will help scientists understand the operation of the Earth's climate. Mars is the next most likely place in the Solar System where life may once or may still exist, the discovery of which would offer deep insights into the origins of life and the biological sciences.

In the last decade, major strides toward feasible, affordable human missions have been made and the question is no longer, “Can humans go?” but “When will humans go?”

The Mars Society Australia
Mars Society Australia (MSA) is an incorporated non-profit organisation. (Download our Articles of Association). It is part of a worldwide movement, and its goals are:

  1. Broad public outreach to instil the vision of pioneering Mars.
  2. Support of more aggressive government funded Mars exploration programs around the world.
  3. Conducting Mars exploration on a private basis.
  4. Encourage Australian participation in planetary sciences and engineering in education, industry and government.

The MSA is undertaking comparative research and testing surface exploration strategies and technologies in renowned Mars analogue locations. Our vision is to position Australia for participation in the eventual establishment of a human presence on Mars, and to make Mars more real as a place for people everywhere.

You can join the Mars Society Australia online. Your membership fees help to support the technical program and give you a say in the future directions of our organisation.

Benefits of joining...

  • Financial members also receive discount registration for the Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC), the annual conference of Mars Society Australia.
  • Take part in activities and events organised by your local chapter or volunteer to assist one of our Projects.
  • Help finance our Technical Programme, known as Operation Red Centre, which will contribute to the body of knowledge required to eventually send humans to Mars

Donations to Mars Society Australia are most welcome and may be made to specific MSA projects. The Mars Society Australia, Inc is an approved research institute for the purposes of section 73A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 for undertaking scientific research which is, or may prove to be, of value to Australia.

Send your cheque or postal order made out to Mars Society Australia to:

The Treasurer
Mars Society Australia
P.O. Box 327