Selecting Contractors

Much of the last two months has been spent on the task of obtaining competitive quotes for outsourcing some of the work remaining on the engine, bodywork and steel framing. This is not easy to manage, since it requires a lot of description and negotiation on work packets, prices and timing. There is a huge shortage of contractors in the Western Australia at present, and this is complicating the outsourcing task. However some progress has been made on the steelwork, and mechanical tasks surrounding the engine. The prices and timing for plastic composite work, have so far been unsatisfactory, so more work needs to be done there.

The vehicle will remain with Byfields Engineering for the time being, but the chassis may detached from the steel superstructure and moved to another factory for engine-related mechanical work. The radiator frame and fan mounting has been completed. The bumper has been more complicated than expected but is now almost complete. The next tasks involve exhaust plumbing, and fuel lines as well as the manufacture of the mechanical linkages for the forward controls.

Darwin member Paul Grey and son visit the factory to see the rover for themselves
Stan admires the front bumper assembly, currently having headlights fitted.