Frame Complete

The project has moved forward slowly on two fronts: Bruce's work on a robust steel frame which defines much of the shape of the forward cabin and Stan and Graham working on the body steelwork. Bruce has now completed the frame, which is ready to take its place as part of the forward cabin steelwork, which can now continue. He will now be able to use that work to settle any remaining issues on the exact cabin shape and side window structure. The structure itself should go down the factory this week. The side windows are actually designed around Mitsubishi L300 doors, which contain a roll-down window. This would not be open in simulations, of course, but would rather be used as an emergency escape in case of smoke or fire inside the cabin. The doors need some modification to be mounted into the side cabin, which is expected to be done this week.

Meanwhile Stan Hart and Graham have been doing more special steelwork for the body and chassis. On Friday we mounted the forward aircleaner and worked out how to do the plumbing from the engine's air intake. We should soon be ready to assemble the steel battery-box/side compartments, which are long steel framed structures on both sides of the chassis. There is also some paperwork to catch up with, including re-licensing the chassis and writing to the Vehicle Licensing Centre to inform them of what we are doing so as to make obtaining a roadworthiness certificate easier in future.

Bruce assembles the steel frame for the forward viewport of the cabin
The completed aircleaner mounted on modified bumper support.