Brittany Hunter - AMEC 2009, Adelaide

(left) Brittany Hunter with Dr Chris McKay of NASA's AMES Research Center


Brittany Hunter, currently a Year 12 student at Iona Presentation College in Mosman Park, Western Australia is a Mars Society Australia-Student Member who attended and presented information at AMEC in Adelaide in 2009.

Her presentation and subsequent paper was well received and obtained much praise from the academic audience present. Since developing a love for all things science related and conducting a range of investigations and research as a part of the St Joseph's School Space Science elective in 2008, including developing and monitoring hydroponic plant growth and being the mission commander for the school based Mars Mission, where students conducted surveys, samples and EVA in full simulation along with utilizing a school built rover with remote control and viewing the ground survey area from mission control. These activities built upon her experiences as a part of the school trip to Canberra and Melbourne in 2007, which encompassed a day programme at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre.

These events, lead to her successful application to be a participant on the National Space Camp at Woomera, which she found very exciting and the history of the place, putting current and future efforts into perspective. Brittany also attended the highly regarded National Youth Science Forum, organized by Rotary which meant that she visited universities, key scientific institutions and networked with some of Australia’s upcoming science and engineering leaders. Once again continuing to invigorate her passion for pursuing a science career.

Brittany has received a number of accolades in recent times, including the Town of Mosman Park Youth Grant and is still a keen and active member of MSA, being spotted in a space suit and handing out promotional brochures at last year's Astrofest held at Curtin University of Technology.

Brittany sees her past work in science at St Joseph's School and her continued scientific efforts as leading to a career in space science and engineering. With interests in space engineering and the increasing field of radio-astronomy her future is literally looking up. With experience in leadership roles, as Head Girl at St Joseph's School in 2008 and Head Boarder at Iona Presentation College this year, Brittany Hunter is a name to look out for in Australia's space science future.