Jarntimarra Diary - Jennifer Laing

FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER 2001, 21.35 hours

Location: William Creek
Written by: Jennifer Laing

Sad to leave those springs behind - I have one last dip at sunrise and see a soft haze on the water. Apparently in winter, the difference between the water and air temperature results in thick fog which envelops the water - an eerie sight. I don't want to get out, despite a reddening face and biting mosquitos. It's a common problem. James L looks like he has the mumps from all the bites and Larry and Michael wear mosquito nets constantly around their hats. Guy's tin of 'Rid' is hot property and everyone borrows a spray at some point.

We see Dalhousie Ruins this morning and then down the Oodnadatta Track. Mesa country and gibber fields. Remote but well vegetated due to unusually high rainfall this time of year.

Graham gets out some boomerangs at the campsite at William Creek and we show Carol and Larry how it's done (badly). No-one gets it to return, despite mighty efforts. Off to the pub for a few quick drinks and a pat of the local dog. Over dinner, the two James' show off their card tricks to an underwhelmed Jen. Clearly nightlife is in short supply here. Even the laptops get an outing (c'mon guys, it's Friday night!!!)