Jarntimarra Diary - Jennifer Laing

THURSDAY 1 NOVEMBER 2001, 20.00 hours

Location: Dalhousie Springs
Written by: Jennifer Laing

Leave Alice Hills and drive along Old Ghan railway track.

We end up at Dalhousie Springs, which are the most amazing experience - like swimming in a pool hotter than the normal shower. It's surprisingly cool when you leave the water - very refreshing. A group takes a swim pre and post dinner - competing with the ubiquitous mosquitos in the process. Luckily my tent is a haven overnight - no outdoor sleeping tonight.

The ground water is derived from deep aquifers and has travelled for long distances through the artesian basin. The waters emerge at the surface at temperatures of approximately 40 degrees. Everyone is entranced.

Some deep, philosophical discussions tonight - must be the heat - or the flies … They force you to try to keep your mind occupied. The Aeroguard is working overtime.