Construction Continues

Construction is proceeding smoothly, with a number of basic components being fitted, including the new forward and rear propeller shafts, the primary fuel tank and shock absorbers. With the steel framework of the floor (almost) complete, we are ready to begin assembling the floor 'sandwich', which consists of an aluminum sheet panel (underside), thermal insulation layer (glass fibre bats and hardwood standoffs) and a plastic and aluminum upper layer. Vertical bulkhead frames can be fabricated as soon as a new order of RHS steel arrives. More component shopping is required, including better seats, an extra fuel tank, and plumbing for the coolant system.

Underside of vehicle showing propshaft (black), primary fuel tank (silver) and and rear shocks (yellow).
Closeup of the business end of Toyota gearstick, which must be modifiedin order to fit engage with a mechanism to shift the entire control forwards by more than a meter to a panel to the right of the wheel.