Call for Volunteers

Over the summer months, the pace of work on the vehicle - slowed almost to a halt over the last three months - has picked up again. The main thing holding up construction was and still is lack of workers, paid or voluntary. The project manager, Graham Mann, has been trying to find new workers in both categories. Recently three new people have committed to work on the project, and it is hoped they can help move forward on the steel frame construction and engine refurbishment. A second holdup has been a lack of construction drawings which the fabricators can use in the factory. Although detailed plans for the whole machine exist, they are AutoCAD files on computer and have needed realisation as practical construction drawings with notes for the factory workers.

Recently MSA engineer David Willson has been producing such drawings, which have already greatly aided construction on the front cabin assembly (see photo below, right). Meanwhile work on other, less visible parts of the machine, such as the exhaust system (below, left) and the vacuum reservoir for the brakes have also been added. The former MSA president, Guy Murphy, has also been working hard on the project from London, where he has been greatly improving this website and making many valuable suggestions about how more resources can be brought to bear on the project.

Customised exhaust crossover is now in place. It needs to be well clear of the gearshift top plate.
The forward cabin begins to take shape, after many delays getting suitable construction drawings to work from. The whole door structure is included in the sidewalls only for the window frame.